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My Little Rageface & Friends My Little Rageface & Friends

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Current score: 2.75/5.00?

The bigger part on Newgrounds really seems to hate MLP:FiM, huh?
Because this is very well done, and i think it deserves a better rating! :)

I had a good laugh about it, the altered logo suits perfect and the faces also match the characters.

What exactly is Derpy Hooves' face intended to express? Is it self-referential to the show, or rather embarrased by the others?
Maybe the Me Gusta face would have suited to Spike as well, but then you wouldn't have the joke between him and Rarity('s face) anymore. Maybe exchanging Derpy's and Rarity's faces could have worked as well, the derped Rageface would have been a funny alternation i guess.

Uhh well anyways, certain is i like this image, and i also enjoyed your other art submissions like the Amber Lamps retro game, or the Futurama Cartoon Network style. You're really good at altering stuff like that, keep up the good work!

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Terran Medic - Making of Terran Medic - Making of

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really astonishing!

Wow, i supposed that you used many layers for this, but i wouldn't have imagined that they're far over 100!

Some say digital artists aren't able to draw "real paintings" the classic way, but when reading your comment about all these different brushes used exclusively for a certain effect, i'm pretty sure you are great in drawing with real brushes as well.
Although i guess it is still harder since you don't have ten dozen layers you can smooth out seperately.
But i think that's the great thing about digital art, it allows more details and you can't ruin your entire drawing by one mistake.

As aforementioned by SardonicSamurai, her lips look really good.

The light effects look also very realistic, especially the green hoes are asonishing. I guess there are not any tricks you could tell us about this, aside from having a good eye that knows which areas are affected by the light?

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you for your kind words :D

I must say it helps knowing how the light hits a subject, but there's also a bit of know-how as to how to render the lighting. In photoshop, you can choose the way a specific layer impacts the ones under it (overlay, multiply, screen, pin light, soft light, etc.). Usually a combination of these is what it takes to manage realistic lighting! As for painting light on traditionnal media, I feel a lot more limited because I have to do the work myself, i.e. choosing the colors!

Shame >_< If I could improve this drawing, I would add dust speckles floating around in the light.... I'm very glad you like it!
-Nicolas Kudeljan

Back to School Back to School

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Does this dialogue make you schizophrenic?

Regarding the author's comments:
I guess you just couldn't bear being as cold as depicted in the comic...especially to your alter-ego, since this would be somewhat masochistic, wouldn't it?

About the comic itself: I'm not quite sure how a drawing can be worried about being adopted if it knows that its existence is somehow dependant on you, the artist.
But then again how could it even be able to sit beside him instead of being bound into the paper where it gets drawn.
Its existence seems to be some arcane mix between reality and 2d-pen-and-paper-world :o

But whatever, i'm most likely just construing too much into this piece of art. The message and the comedic effect gets through, so what the hell! :D
The comic was original and i liked it.

And Newgrounds gets to know about your IRL appearance, too^^

I want to break free I want to break free

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

He wants to break free indeed

Wow, your work looks even more disturbing than Mercury her...err, himself.

Looking at that image kind of makes me laugh though.
On top of that i get the urge to listen to that song right now :D

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Girlchan contest entry Girlchan contest entry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice drawing, but i don't quite get the point

You have made a pretty drawing there, and one can see the characters' interaction.
Yet in this case one does not quite necessarily get what this is about. Like me for instance^^

So the woman does have the same hair and eye color as Yusuke, therefore she should be related to him, likely his sister.

But what is she doing? Yusuke tries to eat a cookie and has crumbs around his face, so that suggests he has a dry mouth, apparently since she drains his salvia with a disturbingly muscular arm in order to spit it into a hanky.
Is that possibly an attempt to detoxicate (assumably) her brother?
Thaaat would explain everything!

Even if i'm partially mistaken this idea is sure to be a pretty fancy one.
But i'm afraid that even too weird for Girlchan in Paradise :o

Golden Knife Golden Knife

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Reminds of Saria on first sight indeed...

When i saw the thumbnail i in fact thought of Saria without reading your comments, although overall she does not resemble her that much.

She resembles that kind of ranger you encounter in various fantasy games.

That black tatoo on her back a Moldorm, right? (I likely would have abandoned that thought if you weren't talking about Legend of Zelda in your description i guess^^)
Does the green tatoo on her left leg depict anything in particular or is it just some kind of reference to the 8-bit gaming area?
I don't quite get what that beak-shaped stone in her hair is for, though^^

steam rhino steam rhino

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's a pretty creative combination.

Despite the thin legs, this rhino looks quite steady.
I especially love the lamp on the butt :D

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Systems doodles Systems doodles

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This art makes me think...

...the Art Portal is still missing a favorite artworks list.
I liked to add it to my favorites, but just noticed that i can't D:

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