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2011-04-02 09:47:40 by Zerpha

I created a Steam account yesterday to purchase Super Meat Boy. (Shortly before the price dropped by half, duh!)

Edmund McMillen (aka Bluebaby here) already made a couple of free games i enjoyed. He seems to like self-praising himself, but i don't mind. When he made a game so far, he did his homework. So i felt like trying this one out.

And it turned out to be really a smooth little Indie Game - but also relentless at some parts.
Notably Warp Zones, where you only get three lives to beat three levels.
If you want to unlock all the characters, you not only have to beat them all, but also collect all the bandages.
Then there are also the Steam-excluse achievements that require playing an entire world without dying. These are the really crazy challenges that can just be met with practice. Yet a successful run only takes about five minutes.

That's what i like about the game. No grinding. Do it with skill or you do it again.

There game is filled with cameos and references too for the nostalgics around you.

Oh, and the Level Editor is great too. Fun for anyone that enjoys creating his own levels (or playing those of others).

The only thing i missed so far were
a) some buttons to control the replay (like a fast-forward button)
b) a kill button (as in N or N+. These games' antagonist is by the way the unlockable character for 100 badges on the Xbox 360).
But maybe Team Meat didn't like the concept of exploding meat...or exploding whatever it is the respective character is made of.

By the way, the image depicted is Super Potato Boy. He has a funny background story where Team Meat pretented to permanently replace Super Meat Boy for because Peta changed their mind.
(Peta, in their usual butthurt manner, badmouthed the game and decided to bring up a game called "Super Tofu Boy" because they disliked the thought of a playable peace of meat.)

In fact the Meat Boy was just temporarily replaced because of a Steam offer called "The Potato Sack."
Team Meat even 'thanked' Peta for the free promotion by including Super Tofu Boy in their game by typing "petaphile" in the character selection screen. Hilarity Ensues.
Too bad we can't play with Super Potato Boy anymore by typing something in for him as well, though.

(The edit is late and probably unnecessary since nobody probably read this post either, but i just tried out the Binding of Isaac Demo and remembered that i originally wanted to explain what the image is about, so here you go.)



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