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Ash finds a Pinsir! Ash finds a Pinsir!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was pretty obvious what was going to happen when he said he has no pokemon.
But although I waited in vain for a punchline, this was an entertaining short animation.
I can see now why Professor Oak did not let Red enter the tall grass without any Pokémon :D

Was it intentional to use the Route 1 theme to indicate that Ash is at the very beginning of his journey?
Or did this even occur before he got his Pikachu?
Or did you simply take it because most people recognize it? (Then again, that's true for pretty much any soundtrack from generation 1.)

Everybody knows Pikachu is Ash's always present sidekick, so - unless my above theory is correct :P - it was weird to not have him around.
For that reason i would probably have replaced him for another trainer in your animation - even though there's basically no Pokémon trainer out there without Pokémon in the first place.
Or maybe you could have chosen a character that's not a trainer (that for some reason still felt like catching a Pinsir)?
This probably would have resulted in a less mainstream-appealing title, though...

Now let's put the story and its interpretations aside and get to the movie quality:
Both voice acting and animation were really good, and the sound effects (using both known ones from the movie and the games) were nice, too!

So overall, good job!

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hbrunav responds:

Thanks dude, just saying, your third poing is right. Ash is a global figure and thats why I used him, I feel must related to him because I started the whole pokemon thing with the first seasons, I never continued with more than 151 pokemons btw. Thanks!

Bronies Bronies

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A panorama of MLP audiences and sexual preferences

This felt both funny and creepy to me at the same time.
Cannot. Unsee. perverted ugly nerds beating up a little girl for pony toys O_o

I don't know if some of these persons in the flash were meant to be allusions to certain real persons. (I guess not? If yes, they probably are pretty traumatized now for a couple of days after seeing this interpretation of themselves.)

I think this was intended to be a parody using the old cliché of over-the-top variants of D&D/Manga nerds, applied to bronies (which are the latest cult of nerd fandom you could say) - The animesque style suits quite well to the Otaku weirdness, and 'Magic the Gathering' was probably just used as a play on words with the show's title to emphasize the nerdom (seeing that MtG is comparable to D&D's nature of a basement-dweller's tabletop game with a ruling system that could almost become a course of studies)
If there's a deeper meaning (e.g. because Magic is a hobby from one of the assumed real persons this flash is based on), i didn't catch that.
It's also interesting that D&D, MtG and MLP are all products from Hasbro.

But what the heck, i am probably overinterpreting this piece of flash that was simply meant to be some brony-trolling animation made for the lulz in the first place^^

I'm normally not creeped out that easily (seeing how you get used to the disgusting over time on the internet anyways.)
In this case it was probably induced by the fact that i like both Magic the Gathering and My Little Pony G4 myself (which in my opinion is, while not something you should boast with in public, nothing to be ashamed of), so i felt somewhat adressed - although i (fortunately!) can't identify myself with these sick twisted pony ass admirers.

So if anyone of you feels insulted by this, remember that it's very probably not the case that you look, let alone act like that. It's called exaggeration, a famous device that you find everywhere on Newgrounds.
There's no reason to be afraid this could stain the image of bronies either. It was never entirely clean in the first place, but nobody with half a brain will think only furries watch that show either after watching this.

The image of our average Newgrounder depicted in most flash videos seen here is a retarded obese failure; you know that (well, at least) not everyone looks like that.
There are also people telling your that every atheist is a pontential antichrist or that every Muslim is a terrorist; you don't believe that crap either, do you?
Just as with users on Newgrounds, Muslims and atheists, the prejudices against bronies only apply to a lesser part.
And who doesn't get this isn't worth the regret.

While it admittedly can be a bog that attracts some sickos, you can watch MLP:FiM normally like any other show (that by the way also always comes with a Rule 34). It's a well-made series (although i don't want to go into detail; the idolizing of MLP got parodied as well - at least regarding the actual merchandise, where i gladly agree with anyways) with top-notch (flash) animation and voice acting, and while it might have some dubious pony ass fan service, you don't have to feel offended by this little piece of artistic flash parody if you don't care about that furry aspect, do you?

Also i find it hilarious how because of all that flaming about brony hate and brony hater hate (never forget, haters gonna hate, don't let that distract yourself), nobody apparently mentioned yet that the father sticks the vibrator on his wife's genitals in front of the child as if it was the most mundane thing to do :D

That's actually pretty important (why yes, vibrators are important in this video) because i'm pretty sure i think that's the hidden message from Spazkid:

Don't fap to ponies, fap to real women. (Or score with them, duh!)
Because you don't want to end up like these jerks in the video ;)

So remember my fellow bronies: Ponies are there to love and tolerate them - but in a platonic way.
This flash kindly wants to remind you of that.

...Well, not that kindly to be honest. But afterall we're on Newgrounds, remember?

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Decision Decision

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good for the first try

The animation was really ok, one could make out everything. I guess my first animation wouldn't look that smooth.
I don't like shading with hachures that much, but that's just my personal opinion and does not mean that it's necessarily worse that just using darker colors on accordant areas. In fact, it gives the whole a drearier impression.

I don't know how you made the music, but it's pretty good and suits nice, respect for that :)

As for the actual content and message of the flash:
It tries to say the right thing, but it's kind of unrealistic.

I'm non-smoker too and don't like it, and i also think that one shouldn't let oneself get persuaded to do it, cause it's not.
But smoking is not that kind of drug that actually allows oneself to escape reality, nor does it affect the personal career in any way. In fact, most stereotypical wealthy businessmen are seen smoking either a cigar or a cigarette.
Another thing that is rather unrealistic is the fact that the boy gets offered the cigarette yet does not smoke it in presence of the other guy. I can't remember anyone ever having offered cigarettes to a (so far) non-smoker without smoking it with him/her. Normally you have to make the decision while around the others. Therfore you will normally have to reject the cigarette right away, by the time you take it this normally also means that you're going to smoke it.

As for the alcohol, it's of course something different - in that point i agree with you. Yet it was strangely put on a level with cigarettes. You can see an empty bottle at the beginning of the movie under his bed, but aside from that the protagonist does not show any connection to alcohol, yet is afraid of becoming a dosser because of the cigarette.

But overall i liked it nonetheless.

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flamereaver responds:

Thanks for the review and I'll admit that the message is not very realistic :), but Didn't have time to make a new flash so I had to finish this old one and you may notice that the character becomes better drawn near the end, that's because I merely made an ending scene and new backgrounds to the flash. I would have liked to make it more alcohol related, but i didn't have time :(.

P.S. Thanks for the in-depth review and i appreciate the positive feedback.

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Super Mario BP Oil Spill Super Mario BP Oil Spill

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great SMB Feeling with lunatic Game Objective

This game turned out to be surprisingly much fun.

Not just because it satirizes BP - the concept for this provocative game is brilliant, I also giggled about the introductory text. And the cinematic.

I also like the references: The dead sea creatures on the intro screen (which is apart from the ending cinematic the only part of the game that features graphics from games other than Super Mario Bros), the (modified) Bullet Bills and the 1-Up Shrooms.
The Cheep Cheeps' and Mario's movement underwater is just like in SMB (except that the former didn't come in green and had color-dependant speed, and Mario could walk on the ground).
I also liked that the background music (in the levels) and all sounds were the same, too.
Therefore the game provides a pretty familiar feeling although it has a far different task than the original sidescroller.

It's also interesting that the player is dependent on foes. Carrying around stunned enemies is nothing new, yet needing them for the entire game progress is a cool idea.
Despite the fact that you're repeating the same level over and over at higher difficulties, this game appears varied, especially when playing it for the first time. Which is also due to the fact that only every X-4 level comes with submarines, which gives a slight "World X beaten" feeling after finishing those levels.

What I missed were Bloopers. Although the scuba jerks chase you like them, having SMB's other underwater foe moving in this zig-zag pattern would have been awesome - especially when it comes to luring them into the oil (including the one on top).
Also, why not use Bob-Ombs instead of mines? My guess would be Mockery refused using them since they were no enemies in SMB.

Another thing I'd have loved to see is Mario grabbing dead Scuba Jerks. Imagine the hilarity of them plugged in a hole! :D

A good strategy is surprisingly effective in this simple game. Some people gave this game a rather bad score, arguing that it was too hard. But i think this isn't the case. Especially the medals were well done. Some gave you new game objectives, but some also made you learn the game.
The harder ones demand some practice, yet even the hardest one (Aquaman) is still doable without causing too much frustration and hours in vain.

For those which still have problems with the game,
I made a news post on my page that contains tips for getting the medals easier, various hints for general gameplay, a good high score strategy, and even a table that list the number of leaks, foes mines and time in each level.

Check it out here: t/548386

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endeavor endeavor

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nothing new, yet an okay little retro game.

Alright, i played through the game four times now.
And i gotta say the Author is right about finishing it multiple times - if you've finished it once, getting the items you need will take far less time in another run.
Additionally, "Savage" and "Hero" naturally takes less time than "Pawn" (unless you fall down while you try climbing up for "Hero", that is).
However, first time finishing this game will really require some "endeavor" from you.

The Atmosphere is ok:
The pixelated graphics give this game a likable retro feeling, and the music fits the various areas. Habitants are also well adapted to the environment, and even their character mirrors their appearance.

Their rant make your tasks pretty obvious, so progressing in this game isn't too hard. For me the flowers are merely a futzing than anything else. I think i squelched every single one in the first run...
The endurance fruits become merely redudant in the later game, even if you're going to climb up to heaven. I also think the two special jump variations in heaven were redundant. They are collected in 30 seconds and made you think that you'll get more of them later in the game.
Also getting empowered by killed souls was a good alternation. The Powerups were alright, although i disliked the fact that the Mushroom (acquired at the very beginning in heaven) was a Red Hering despite the fact that you could give it to that creature in the mountain.

The dialogue was alright, yet the story itself wasn't that good. I also think that getting the sword from a chest located where the other dwarves should rather easily be able to get to kills the flavor.
(Although i admit it's cool to get it from a place right next to your starting point, after you've done an entire world tour.)

Since there are four secret medals, i thought there would be a fourth ending, which would have been even worse than "Pawn" and "Savage":
Malor tries to persuade you to help him even after getting the sword either by climbing up or teleporting after killing 10 people, which suggested that you could collect 8 gems to release him knowingly instead of killing him.
Regrettably i had to realize that this wouldn't work out, since i couldn't leave the beginning screen in the underworld and was bound to banish Malor.
Although it would have been cool to have such an ending imho, with a medal name like "Dark Disciple".
But yeah, we know completing all three endings rewards you with a last medal for completion (Forever, Endeavor) :P

Overall this is not an exceptional or innovative game - i personally didn't find it too addicting either - but a fine one. Notably i didn't notice any glitches (since the last updates) either.

Btw, the medal points in this game are exceptionally low. I think that's the first one of that sort i know that doesn't include any 50 point medals for finishing the game under special circumstances.
I'd have liked a more common score, but i still prefer that to such give-away 100 point medals (like in "The Arrow of Time")

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Quick Sand Quick Sand

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Break Brittle Bricks Briskly really doesn't work.

Before i'm going to rant about the game itself, i first of allwanted to point out that apparently the medal "Break Brittle Bricks Briskly" does in fact not work - anymore!

Yes, i can see that you got that medal. And various users that wrote a review own that medal as well.
Yet those reviews i found were submittet bewteen 13.-16. of June.

According to the order of your medals, you added the "Cave half full" and Brickbreaker one after the other two for completion.
I also can remember those two initially having a medal score of 0 and therefore not being displayed on this game's page in the medals section.

Therefore i suppose you involuntarly made the Brickbreaker medal unachievable in some later ipdate.
I already broke 12 and more bricks several times without releasing the Down-button, and twice even with pressing it for each jump (which is notably harder) - yet the medal didn't pop up for me once.

So i'd really appreciate if you'd take a look at your game again and fix that ;)

The game itself was alright overall.
The music was alright.
I liked that it used an introduction and en ending scene. Yet it was somewhat weird for me that the girl had a face in the very last image, it didn't suit the style of the scenes (and the charactermodel) imo.
The character's hair was inspired by Dixie Kong i guess?

It didn't get boring since it introduced some new elements every once in a while - keys, curved walls, bricks to break, spiked traps or "doors".

You have to get used to the controls since they're very sensitive, but once you got a feeling for it the levels are not too hard.
For example wall jumping has some tricks that are worth knowing: narrow walls can be jumped up pretty quickly by simply pushing of from the same wall and jumping at the same time; while broad walls should be jumped up by changing the side each time (spacebar + left, spacebar + right, etc).
And aside from breaking blocks, you can make use of the down button to avoid sliding on a wall if you don't want to.

Yet some later levels were far easier than earlier ones, and vice versa: The difficulty of the levels seems not to have any particular order.
Already the second level for instance it pretty hard. You are barely used to the movement, and especially since you don't know that you can use the down button to avoid sliding on the wall makes it harder.
I am aware, though, that some of these levels were just easier because the sand can sometimes be used as help whereas in other modes you don't have the possiblity to do so.

Now about the bugs:
I don't know whether it's intended that last set of levels with the "doors" is skipped when playing through the game for the first time.

Talking about doors, here's a certain bug i encountered: When you enterwhen the sand is exactly on the door's height. In this case you won't die and the complete level will fill itself even over the border.
Then there is another bug encountered while breaking the blocks. It might happen that you are squished when hitting the block from a weird angle.

Regarding the Speed Run mode, i think it's far too hard. You can barely afford to even fail more than two levels half way.
This really asks you to play each level various times to ensure that you make things flawless and to be prepared which level is up next.
Nothing against challenges, but at some point it isn't fun anymore.

I guess most people cheated that medal by simply abusing the fact that you can fast-forward the entire game.
I think you should make the timer less brutal and then find away to stop the skipping thing.

Compared to Speed Run, Lava Mode was pretty easy. Currently it would even be easier if players had twice the time for Speed Run.
Nonetheless i liked it, although not all levels changed since you sometimes just had to place sand on top in order to do it. (I would only have placed sand on the top on various spots, yet that would possibly afford some tricky programming)
But this mode really needs to get a medal!
I think if a game has medals and various modes, it doesn't make sense not to let each mode have one :o

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I-smel responds:

I read all of this!

Recent Audio Reviews

A Whole New World instrumental A Whole New World instrumental

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was worth the 6 weeks

I appreciate your work, that sounds really nice :)

Unfortunately i don't know that much about making music, so i could barely criticize any details.

But i always loved that song from the first Aladdin movie, and i'm glad that you allow us to hear this pretty instrumental version here on newgrounds.

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cr0072010 responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's always rewarding to hear positive feedback from the audience. :)

Recent Art Reviews

My Little Rageface & Friends My Little Rageface & Friends

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Current score: 2.75/5.00?

The bigger part on Newgrounds really seems to hate MLP:FiM, huh?
Because this is very well done, and i think it deserves a better rating! :)

I had a good laugh about it, the altered logo suits perfect and the faces also match the characters.

What exactly is Derpy Hooves' face intended to express? Is it self-referential to the show, or rather embarrased by the others?
Maybe the Me Gusta face would have suited to Spike as well, but then you wouldn't have the joke between him and Rarity('s face) anymore. Maybe exchanging Derpy's and Rarity's faces could have worked as well, the derped Rageface would have been a funny alternation i guess.

Uhh well anyways, certain is i like this image, and i also enjoyed your other art submissions like the Amber Lamps retro game, or the Futurama Cartoon Network style. You're really good at altering stuff like that, keep up the good work!

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Terran Medic - Making of Terran Medic - Making of

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really astonishing!

Wow, i supposed that you used many layers for this, but i wouldn't have imagined that they're far over 100!

Some say digital artists aren't able to draw "real paintings" the classic way, but when reading your comment about all these different brushes used exclusively for a certain effect, i'm pretty sure you are great in drawing with real brushes as well.
Although i guess it is still harder since you don't have ten dozen layers you can smooth out seperately.
But i think that's the great thing about digital art, it allows more details and you can't ruin your entire drawing by one mistake.

As aforementioned by SardonicSamurai, her lips look really good.

The light effects look also very realistic, especially the green hoes are asonishing. I guess there are not any tricks you could tell us about this, aside from having a good eye that knows which areas are affected by the light?

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you for your kind words :D

I must say it helps knowing how the light hits a subject, but there's also a bit of know-how as to how to render the lighting. In photoshop, you can choose the way a specific layer impacts the ones under it (overlay, multiply, screen, pin light, soft light, etc.). Usually a combination of these is what it takes to manage realistic lighting! As for painting light on traditionnal media, I feel a lot more limited because I have to do the work myself, i.e. choosing the colors!

Shame >_< If I could improve this drawing, I would add dust speckles floating around in the light.... I'm very glad you like it!
-Nicolas Kudeljan

Back to School Back to School

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Does this dialogue make you schizophrenic?

Regarding the author's comments:
I guess you just couldn't bear being as cold as depicted in the comic...especially to your alter-ego, since this would be somewhat masochistic, wouldn't it?

About the comic itself: I'm not quite sure how a drawing can be worried about being adopted if it knows that its existence is somehow dependant on you, the artist.
But then again how could it even be able to sit beside him instead of being bound into the paper where it gets drawn.
Its existence seems to be some arcane mix between reality and 2d-pen-and-paper-world :o

But whatever, i'm most likely just construing too much into this piece of art. The message and the comedic effect gets through, so what the hell! :D
The comic was original and i liked it.

And Newgrounds gets to know about your IRL appearance, too^^